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Posted 2.0 years ago @ 9:39AM

How to Register for a Sport 2022-2023

To All Athletes: 

If you are planning on participating in any sport, you must have a current physical on file in the office and register on-line.  Please contact each coach via email for further information regarding workouts & tryout dates.  Watch for further information via Facebook & Twitter posts. 

  • Cheer Coach - Meagan Watkins -
  • Dance Coach - Melissa Kimble -
  • Girls Golf Coach - Ginger Harrison -
  • Boys Golf Coach - Jeff Ridenour -
  • Girls Tennis Coach - Linda Ames -
  • Cross Country Coach - Aaron Werths -
  • B/G Swimming Coach - Scott Smallie -
  • Wrestling Coach - John Venne -
  • Boys Basketball Coach - Gerard Moore -
  • Girls Basketball Coach - Greg Vaughn -
  • B/G Bowling Coach - Melanie Williams -
  • Football Coach - Kindle Lyons -
  • Boys Soccer Coach - Ryan Reeves -
  • Girls Volleyball Coach - Grace Hurst -
  • Boys Volleyball Coach - Dr. Justin Warren -
  • Baseball Coach - Scott Smallie -
  • Softball Coach - Tim Wilson -
  • Boys Track Coach - Tom Miller -
  • Girls Track Coach - Corey Bryd -
  • Girls Soccer Coach - Ken Prazma -
  • Boys Tennis Coach - Raffi Karibian -
  • Fishing Coach - Dan Bronnbauer -

Registration must be done by a parent or legal guardian & student

A Getting Started Guide is in the main office if needed!

Check out our youtube video below for more information:

1) Parent & Student Linking Process:

  • Click on ONLINE REGISTRATION on our Granite City Athletics website to create an account for both parent and student
  • Parent & Student must have separate accounts!
  • A parent and student only needs one account.  Never should you ever create multiple accounts as a student or parent.  The only time a parent would need to do so is if the parent is a coach as well as a parent.   In that case, they would need to a coach account and a parent account.
  • Only one student and one parent account is needed!
  • How to get the process started, click on the "SIGN UP" process at the bottom of the login page
  • Step 1: When a student signs up they will click "A Student" and when a parent signs up they will click "A parent"
  • Step 2: First Name, Last Name, Gender, Birthday, HS Graduation Year
  • Step 3: What credentials will be used for signing in?  You may use either an email address or mobile number.  So if you are a student or parent who does not have an email, you can use a mobile number to create an account. 
  • Step 5: Select the sports you wish to participate in this school year. 
  • Step 6: Next, taken to the emergency contact page for information.  This page is not required by the student to input and they can simply skip this step by clicking on LINK ACCOUNT on top left corner.  It takes the student to the page where they can invite their parent to the site. 
  • Step 7: Review Athletic Forms (Students can start filling out forms, but for the student to be cleared to participate, each form will need a parent's signature as well). 


If you have any questions please call the Athletic Dept.  ext.2500.


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